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Aroma Stone

Smooth volcanic stones are bathed in hot water and anointed with the aromas of the Orient. Using the stones in a firm & rhythmic massage sequence, which mimics the strong but steady stream of flowing water, the power and warmth of the stones penetrates deeply into tired and tense muscles, promoting inner peace and tranquility. 

The benefits of this amazing treatment are:

- Achieves all over deep relaxation with the penetrating heat, banishing stress and tension.

- Increases circulation, facilitating maximum oxygenated blood flow for optimum body functioning.

- Increases cell metabolism ; thereby increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins.

- Increases lymphatic function ; thereby increasing detoxification, cleansing and elimination.

- Balances energy levels and creates a feeling of harmony.

- Gives the client a deeper and longer lasting sense of relaxation

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